Vizari Stealth FG- Kids Soccer Cleats|Best Soccer Cleat For Kids 2020

Coming in much of the same vein of the Cattura is the Vizari Stealth. With a low price and a few colors to choose from, this specific cleat and this brand, in general, are gaining strength in the community of players. One of the most significant advantages of stealth is the extremely strong material used. It is very easy to clean, which makes life much easier for parents.


The upper is two-colored. Moreover, they are made out of synthetic material. With the two-color synthetic upper, your kid will love these cleats. They have an anti-stretch lining that further makes them robust. Collar lining and the inclusion of padded heel gives comfort.


The studs are round and made of rubber, which provides good traction and the surface, also made of rubber, avoids stretching. However, the upper and the outsole are stitched to ensure a more durable cleat. The only disadvantage of all this durable and resistant structure is that your kid will need thick socks, especially if they are delicate to the ankle or have sensitive skin because the lack of collars and the rigidity of the material can hurt a little around that area.


Although these cleats offer no extra booster, they are definitely of high quality when talking about durability. These cleats will last for most of the season, and most likely you can reuse them in the future in case you have another player in the future. This is because synthetic materials are much better quality than synthetic leather, with the advantage that they will better adapt to the feet.


For kids who don’t know how to tie the laces, the benefit is that the laces are thick. So they remain tied without problems, just fasten them before the kid enters the field and lose them later.


The truth is that this model is not very fancy, even though they come in really pretty and happy colors. The general design is really basic, with a rounded point to assure comfort. We could say this is the best price/value option available in the market for those who are looking for practicality over fanciness.


These are also good for those with wide feet, making them a good option for those frustrated with the more prominent manufacturers. They do have sizing issues, so be aware of that before you buy them.

  • These are non-deforming and durable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Padding is abundant and suitable for wide feet
  • Inexpensive
  • The hard material the cleats hurts a little bit from the ankle side
  • It is round for comfort so the general size can be a little bit narrow



Grab a pair of Vizari Stealth soccer cleats for your kids. Vizari soccer cleats come in sizes for all kids up to the age of 12. They have rubber outsoles which give an excellent grip on all fields. These are amazing pairs of kids playing soccer often. The shaft measures approximately low-top’’ from the arch.

What’s more, these cleats have padded heels and collar lining. This increases their comfort, and your kid is good to go. They have stitched outsole to make them durable. With the two-color synthetic upper, your kid will love these cleats. They have an anti-stretch lining that further makes them robust.