PUMA Women’s Evospeed 4.2 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat 2019

PUMA Women's Evospeed 4.2
PUMA Women's Evospeed 4.2

We decided to review the PUMA Women’s Evospeed 4.2 Soccer Cleat. Now, it’s a very affordable and inexpensive soccer women’s cleat, one of the cheapest ones out there. While it might not be the most pricey soccer cleat, it does get the job done and has some excellent features. Although the investment here is not huge, we think it is worth playing soccer. It is a women-specific cleat designed to give you comfort, traction, and overall quality. It is an excellent option to go with if you are starting to play soccer and are not sure that how long it will last, or if you are enjoying a basic game that is not very competitive. That being said, it is certainly not an option to go with if you are a top-class professional soccer star.


This particular soccer cleat has a very lightweight upper. The upper is designed to provide you with minimal hindrance and weight so you can run and move fast. Moreover, the upper on the PUMA Women’s Evospeed 4.2 Soccer Cleat is also very breathable so your feet won’t get hot and sweaty, which also helps prevent blisters from occurring. However, what does need mentioning here is that this is not the most durable soccer shoe out there, nor is it the most flexible. It’s not like it does horribly in those departments, but it could certainly do better.


PUMA Women Evospeed 4.2 Soccer Cleat comes with lightweight speedCELL technology, which more or less means it is designed to give you a great ball feel for optimal ball handling and performance. The PUMA Women Evospeed 4.2 Soccer Cleat also includes a minimal stability heel counter for increased stability and balance.


The soccer cleats for women come with bladed studs and conical studs altogether for a firm combination for traction. The studs used to provide ultimate acceleration, agility, and maneuverability. This pair of soccer cleats for women provides a tremendous amount of stability altogether. The lightweight feeling of the soccer cleats for women is all thanks to the speed CELL technology and design of the soccer cleat to get a better grip of the ball.


Something else that stands out about this cleat is that it comes with a very lightweight EVA midsole. It makes it feel as though you are walking on a cloud, it absorbs a lot of impact and provides you with some underfoot support as well, all while being quite lightweight.

  • Excellent support and cushioning
  • Good ball handling
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Great traction
  • Limited flexibility
  • Low durability

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You get the chance to wear the same cleat as your soccer idol whenever you lace up this fantastic pair of speed soccer cleats. The synthetic sole and upper provide added resistance and still provide excellent traction and control. Dynamic construction is lightweight and will not put pressure on your feet. The speedCELL design ensures that it is molded to your foot and offers excellent ball control and unique touch. It aims to be a bit breathable and extremely stretchable. The heel is held in place by additional support from the mid-padded EVA extra. The conical and bladed studs and proprietary technologies make it the best choice for all speedsters out there.