PUMA King Pro Men’s FG Football Boots|Firm Ground- Best Soccer Cleats 2020

After a long-awaited return, the PUMA King Pro has made its triumphant return to the soccer cleat world. The players like Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, and Pele have made the PUMA King famous over the last few years. Lately, though, the King has been absent from what has been a strong PUMA line up. There was a version released in 2013 that was sub-par at best. A showing that could have killed the cleat altogether but thanks to some modern technology and the classic look os the cleat. The King has made its way back to the market in two variations. The variations that will undoubtedly get cleat nerds and leather loving players, excited to give it a run this season.


PUMA King Pro keeps a beautiful low profile, blackout colorway with some white accents on the tongue for branding. A blackout and whiteout colorway can make nearly any cleat look like a champion. The low cut ankle area is a nice escape from the collar-game that seems to be taking over most brands “high end” cleats. The lowcut leather cleat offers a simple look at what a reliable cleat should look like. When a soccer cleat has little to no gimmicks or distractions, that cleat will most likely turn out to be a winner for you longterm.


This cleat has the upper made of Kangaroo Leather. Hard to believe for a $100 cleat right? The leather will remind of a thicker version of the Puma evoSPEEED that released a few years back. The leather makes up all of the instep, toebox and wraps around to the outside of your foot to provide a solid surface area to strike and control the ball. The back part of the cleat is made up of faux leather that can add more stability and increase the life of the cleat. Playing in this cleat is an absolute dream. The soft leather is perfect for controlling the ball, an ideal upper for midfielders or defenders. The cleat seems made just for players who love a classic cleat feel; on a new technology style plate and some next-level fit.


As far as playing matches or in training sessions with the Puma King Pro, the cleat is a dream to play in. A lot of times with soccer cleats, the best feeling is taking them off after you are finished playing. The best thing is this cleat fits slightly wide feet and still performs incredibly even after a little extra stress from a wider foot. 


The soleplate of this cleat is made up of a lightweight TPU plastic. It is both flexible when running and solid in the heel area when you are stopping. PUMA King Pro features one of the best features in a cleat, conical studs. The conical stud provides the ability to make 360-degree movements at any moment without having to worry about any extra traction.

  • Provides great fit for players with wide foot
  • High durability
  • Inexpensive
  • Very Comfortable
  • Half size smaller than their usual size
  • Poor moisture protection

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Overall, PUMA King Pro is a real champion. From its Kangaroo Leather upper, to the solid TPU plastic soleplate. You will struggle to find anything that’s bad in the King Pro. Of course, when you compare the cleat to the Platinum, it is clearly a takedown cleat of a superior cleat — however, this as one of the great deals in cleats. The King Pro offers a reliable option for any player at any level. If you can buy this cleat, then pounce on it. You won’t regret it.