Nike Vapor 12 Academy MG Multi-Ground Soccer Cleat 2020

Light in weight beyond compare, aggressive traction like no other cleat, a thin touch on the ball as if you were barefoot. This speed cleat before you has no rival like it, and it is a takedown model makes everything better — the performance of a high-end model, without the high price tag. Nike brought a Teijin-like synthetic in Nike Vapor 12 Academy, to deliver premium materials to those who don’t want to spend much cash. Premium feel meets affordable retail pricing.


A synthetic upper is the best option for the Nike Vapor 12 Academy cleat. Why? Well, because cleat is a type of shoe used in high energy activities. Furthermore, the feet are very prone to sweating, and what you need is upper with moisture-wicking properties like this. Synthetic construction also offers great comfort and support, and don’t forget about the textile lining below the upper surface. The textile lining lends a helping hand in the breathability of the cleat and a smooth feel when wearing it.


The multigrain speed system is just Nike’s beautiful way of saying that the outsole of the Nike Vapor 12 Academy cleat is capable of operating on any ground. Soft, firm, turf ground, indoor and outside, on artificial grass, natural grass, tall grass, and everything in between. The chevron and conical studs on the surface of the outsole are also there to help with versatility, traction and to get a better grip of the surface where you are on. Once those studs sink their spike in the ground, you’re in good hands.


The cleats are not famous for their comfort as they are used for about two hours, but it is not necessary for these two hours to be a terrible experience. The cushioned footbed helps significantly in the comfort of the Nike Vapor 12 Academy cleat as well as the anchored tongue that not only stays in place but also provides a consistent fit and comfort as well. But let’s not forget that Nike cleat has a micro-textured upper.


You’re in luck. The Nike Vapor 12 Academy comes in several color combinations. Eight to be exact. If you’re more into bright colors you should check out the grey and bright crimson color combination, and if you’re looking for darker tones that won’t get dirty that easily, try the black and orange combo of the cleats.

  • Anchored tongue
  • Outsole wrap on the toe area
  • Micro-textured upper
  • Circular studs located on the outsole
  • Very comfortable
  • Too narrow fit
  • Low durability

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Nike Vapor 12 Academy cleats are incredible. They are made with the best technology and high-quality materials, the attention to detail that’s easily found in the cleats is fascinating. Moreover, Just look at the ridges at the upper’s front. They are there because Nike is looking for new ways to improve your performance on the ground. And that’s one of the ways.

The ridges are designed to give you better ball control, and you’ll love them all. Yes, these cleats are quite expensive, but they are a great investment to make if you want to improve your skills in the ground. They come in different colors, and there are very few drawbacks. One of the disadvantages is the very tight fit in the toe area. However, the adjustable lacing system and anchored tongue are there to provide a helping hand and provide comfort, stability, and plenty of movement.