Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Multi-Ground Soccer Cleat 2020

In the world of sports gear, the popularity of soccer cleats is second to none due to many reasons that exceed comfort and enhanced performance. In reality, a right soccer cleat is considered indispensable if one wants to take his game to the next level of excellence, which is simply difficult to adjust by wearing ordinary shoes. You may have your reasons to buy a pair, but don’t go to the store without checking out the Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Soccer Cleats.

This pair combines the best of the Nike brand value, and it is excellent workmanship that has brought the company to the top. Interested in knowing more? Keep reading to discover everything this product offers.


The Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG has a basic synthetic upper that is not exceptionally thin, but slightly thinner than the previous Victory. The upper of the Superfly is bulky, especially fresh out of the box. When passing/striking the ball, you won’t feel like you are in contact with the ball. The upper is very padded, making the fit uncomfortably tight. As previously stated, the synthetic material is thick and padded, making the touch a little too hard and plasticky. It does not provide a barefoot feel with cleats, but it is good enough to play freely.


The Superfly 6 Academy has a one-piece construction with the elastic collar passing over the laced area, usually where the tongue is, and around the ankle. The material of the collar is on the cheaper side because it feels more like a real elastic sock than a true knit collar. That’s ok as it’s a takedown model, but the collar hugs the ankle well for a smooth transition from ankle to foot. The cough fulfills its purpose of having looks and feels, but just below it as the area of ​​concern. The heel pushes on the heel / Achilles, which is quite uncomfortable over time.


The primary feature of the new Superfly 6 Academy is the (MG) Multi-ground soleplate. It is a hybrid of bladed and conical studs to enable play on various outdoor surfaces, hard and artificial surfaces. The hybrid plate is a great idea only if you are not willing to buy separate FG and AG cleats. The single MG plate does the job but is not a noticeable change. With a normal Mercurial FG, you get bladed studs. You might feel a little more in control, but it can be a little dangerous while pivoting, as it can cause knee injuries due to excessive grip. The AG soleplate provides some control but is less likely to cause injury. The multiple ground soleplate is an excellent blend of both, with bladed and conical studs that will allow you to steer easily with enough grip without too much danger.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • They fit like a glove
  • Provides excellent grip on the ground
  • Attractive design
  • ​Premium ball control and quick-turn agility
  • These cleats are hard to put on
  • Does not have enough ventilation

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If you are a soccer player who is looking for a comfortable, lightweight, and stylish cleat. A cleat that provides excellent traction on firm and artificial grass surfaces but does not require a lot of money. Then the Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG is a pretty good option for you. This cleat is comfortable, provides a glove-like fit, and a good grip. Its lightweight, stylish design, and rubber cushion under the heel also did not go unnoticed.