Nike Premier II Firm Ground Cleats 2020 [Buying Guide]

The world of soccer cleats goes on a path that tilts towards the brighter colors, extraordinary technologies, and silhouettes that we would never expect to associate with genuine performance cleats. However, there are still a few cleats on the radar for those who keep their attention on more classic benefits. Only a few have been better than the Premier in the last decade. So it makes sense that a Nike Premier II would be an even more incredible offer than the first. What could go wrong with draping a quality leather over a simple build and giving the world an option that looks like it’s gone?


The last Premier had some limited edition color combinations, but it didn’t need extravagant trappings to win anyone who gave it a shot. One of the most significant changes for the new Premier is a definite shift in the stitch pattern, a slight change in the shape of the cleat and a new fold-over tongue. The soleplate looks relatively unchanged. Premier II has every color combination any player would want, and they all look beautiful. There is a fully blacked-out version. It has sweet, leathery goodness in cleats that any player can enjoy.


The studs are conical and short for FG studs. So don’t expect super traction as you get in speed cleats. I actually think they are extremely suitable for AG grounds with shorter length and shape. The plate was the most flexible at the forefoot compared to other cleats I have ever worn.


The upper requires very little break-in time, feeling 80% broken in, out of the box. The touch feels padded and soft. If you’re looking for a barefoot feel like Mercurial, it might not be for you. The stitches used with the Premier II are deliberately chosen to ensure that the leather begins to soften and stretch. It does not reach the point where it is too loose for your foot and negatively impacts your game. However, all areas that have been stitched are going to will feel tight for the first few wears. Nike also ensured that the inner heel and underside of the lace area were covered with a suede material, which makes this cleat feel surprisingly luxurious.


For sizing of the Premier, I would suggest bumping a slight bit by buying half a size greater and keeping in mind that this cleat is rather narrow. The leather used will soften up over your break-in, but not enough to have you ordering your standard size unless your standard size already had a fair bit of space.

  • They need very minimal time to break-in
  • Kangaroo leather upper
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellent value for its price
  • Studs are shorter
  • Tongue interfered with the ball touch

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If you aren’t dealing with a narrow foot and you enjoy extreme soft leather, then there’s no cleat in the market. While there are a few cleats that might be more intriguing, there is not a single cleat in the market that can claim to be worth every penny that you’d pay for it, but the Nike Premier II can make that claim boldly and without a doubt. Whether you’re looking for reliability, quality, or maybe a cleat to have always in your bag, the Premier II is perfect. This cleat is a worthy successor to the Premier; you should buy a pair today!