Nike Mercurial Victory IV Soccer Cleats 2020-[Buying Guide]

The Nike Mercurial Victory IV and previous versions of the Victory have been important cleats for leisure, youth and budget players for as long as they have been there. You will see at least one pair among each group of young players. The main selling points on this cleat is the flashy colors and the visual cues we see in the Vapor IX. If you see the Vapor on the feet of professionals, namely Cristiano Ronaldo, you drive home the visual sales points because of the similarity between the Victory and Vapor. But buyers beware, they are called economic or low tier releases for a reason.


The touch is not all that, but the texture gives you just the right ball control, this is a situation where the texture of the upper covers the ball feel it provides. The upper being quite unforgiving translates over to decent shots and proper protection. The weight does not translate to performance in the case of this cleat. They will suit the causal player quite well, but not those who take themselves seriously as a player.


These cleats have four studs on the heel instead of just two. The short studs in the forefoot are pretty well suited to the turf game. On grass, they perform just brilliantly, but in wet conditions, you will probably be slipping and catching. As for the outsole, the traction mirrors the Vapor’s for superior stopping and turning with no fear that you will ever slip on the ground. We all know how embarrassing that can be. These boots are best suited for short-grass grounds. They are suitable in wet conditions but not recommended for soggy or muddy ground. The soleplate has no issues throughout and comfort around the ankle, heel and midfoot was very decent.


These cleats will fit like a glove on your foot. The cushioning is adequate and isn’t overdone. It also feels great when you’re taking your first touch on the ball. The Mercurials are definitely one of the most comfortable cleats. These fit pretty true to size but because of the quality of the upper, I would suggest going up half a size. 


The weight of the cleats is ideal for those who want don’t want to sacrifice speed for comfort. You will still feel mobile very much in these cleats while your burning and churning down the sidelines. At the same time, your feet will feel as if you’re stepping on pillows.

  • Tongueless construction provides a locked-down fit
  • ​Leather upper for enhanced touch
  • Synthetic material
  • ​Adaptive sock liner for premium cushioning
  • Low durability
  • Poor moisture protection

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Nike is usually very good with their mid and low tier releases. The Nike Mercurial Victory IV is perfect for the most part. We consider comfort to be more important than technology when it comes to low tier releases, and in this regard, Nike has passed. In terms of performance, they do have something more to offer. They might resemble the Vapor, but the quality is better for the most part. It is your choice as, it’s your feet, your money, and your soccer future. Do what you feel is right!