Nike Magista Obra II Firm Ground Soccer Cleats 2020-[Buying Guide]

When the original Nike Magista Obra was released, the players were provided with a completely new performance they had never experienced before. With the intro of the Nike Magista Obra II and the “evolution of touch and traction,” they continued to push the boundaries and take the entry design to another level. Magista is the cleat that paves the way for other Nike cleats, taking on never before seen performance element that sets them apart, and makes them a boss. From its design to the updated collar fit, there is plenty to cover, and I’m sure you all want to know how it compares to other cleats in the market. Is this the best Nike collar cleat released so far? Yes, that would be the answer; but you should read below to find out why.


The new Magista Obra II has one of the best fits I have ever experienced from a Nike cleat. Like the original Magista, it features a padded upper mixed with Flyknit. The most significant difference in the new Magista II is that it has more padding on the upper than before, giving you a more personalized fit and a softer touch. The newly redesigned Dynamic Fit Collar is designed to be less restrictive. From my experience so far, it’s much less restrictive than previous models. Although the collars are not yet my favorite to play with, the new design of D.F.C, It’s quite enjoyable.


The best thing about the new Magista Obra II is the touch. Using a 3D printing process, they were able to create a touch component of ridges and bumps that work with the inner padding to dampen the ball on your foot. Magista II offers one of the softest, cleanest touches. All around the foot, there is a different level of bumps, but they provide an extremely gentle, unyielding touch.


The new soleplate design initially made me a little skeptical. The new outsole on the Magista certainly provides an advantage to the playmaker. You will not face any trouble turning or getting your studs stuck in the ground. You will have more support and control over your movements, especially if the inner heel counter helping instability.


Once you put your feet in the cleats, the experience is entirely different. The interior is covered with a layer of soft material that molds perfectly across your forefoot. You can feel a layer of cushion between this material and the actual outer coating. As you begin to move your foot, the whole structure becomes naturally contouring and swinging with your movements. Indeed, the tipping ridges across the outer coating are a bit tighter, but in between – the underlying layer on the forefoot – it has a much more natural flow and a substantially good stretch.

  • Stylish overall design
  • Dynamic Fit Collar
  • Excellent stud pattern performance
  • Inexpensive
  • Provides good touch on the ball
  • Low durability
  • Not for wide-footed players

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The Magista Obra II took its rightful place as the market’s favorite Nike cleat. It has an extraordinary fit and is extremely comfortable. Touch on the ball is almost unmatched and extremely forgiving. Passing and striking in a Magista is very clean and very accurate. Overall, Nike has given a cleat for the true playmakers in the second generation of Magista, and it does not disappoint.