Football World Cup 2018 schedule [All You Need To Know]

Football World Cup 2018 schedule [All You Need To Know]
Football World Cup 2018 schedule [All You Need To Know]

Football World Cup 2018 schedule All You Need To Know.


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About Football World Cup 2018 All You Need To Know that world cup is started from June 14 and it’s end on July 15. World cup  2018 hosted by Russia and this tournament returns to Europe after 12 years, last time in Europe world cup held in Germany in 2006.

After the World Cup draw, we now realize that Russia will deliver up the curtain in Moscow once they face Saudi Arabia on Thursday, June 14.

Portugal vs Spain is one of the most attractive of the early ties, which takes region in Sochi on the second day of the match whilst two of the large favourites, Brazil and Germany, begin their campaigns on the first Sunday in opposition to Switzerland and Mexico respectively.

Football World Cup 2018 Qualifiers.

The FIFA World Cup draw takes place in Moscow on December 1,when the 32 qualified teams will find out who they will meet in the group stages. when the tournament get’s start from 14 of june 2018.

Football World Cup 2018 schedule [All You Need To Know]
Football World Cup 2018 schedule [All You Need To Know]

Football World Cup 2018 Groups.

Football World Cup 2018 schedule [All You Need To Know]
Football World Cup 2018 schedule [All You Need To Know]

Football World Cup 2018 Groups


Group ARussia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay.

Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran.

Group C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark

Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria

Group EBrazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England.

Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan.

Football World Cup 2018 schedule(Date,Time and Venue).

FIFA World Cup 2018 – Full Schedule
14 JuneRussia vs Saudi Arabia (Group A)8:00pmLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
15 JuneEgypt vs Uruguay (Group A)5:00pmYekaterinburg
15 JunePortugal vs Spain (Group B) 11:00pmFisht Stadium, Sochi
15 JuneMorocco vs Iran (Group B) 8:00pmST Petersburg
16 JuneFrance vs Australia (Group C) 3:00pmKazan Arena, Kazan
16 JunePeru vs Denmark (Group C) 9:00pmMordovia Arena, Saransk
16 JuneArgentina vs Iceland (Group D) 6:00pmOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
16 JuneCroatia vs Nigeria (Group D) 12:00pmKaliningrad
17 JuneBrazil vs Switzerland (Group E) 11:00pmRostov-on-Don
17 JuneCost Rica vs Serbia (Group E) 5:00pmCosmos Arena, Samara
17 JuneGermany vs Mexico (Group F) 8:00pmLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
18 JuneSweden vs South Korea (Group F) 5:00pmNizhny Novgorod
18 JuneBelgium vs Panama (Group G) 8:00pmFisht Stadium, Sochi
18 JuneEngland vs Tunisia (Group G) 11:00pmVolgograd
19 JunePoland vs Senegal (Group H) 8:00pmOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
19 JuneColombia vs Japan (Group H) 5:00pmMordovia Arena, Saransk
19 JuneRussia vs Egypt (Group A) 11:00pmSaint Petersburg
20 JuneSaudi Arabia vs Uruguay (Group A) 8:00pmRostov-on-Don
20 JunePortugal vs Morocco (Group B) 5:00pmLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
20 JuneSpain vs Iran (Group B) 11:00pmKazan Arena, Kazan
21 JuneFrance vs Peru (Group C) 8:00pmYekaterinburg
21 JuneDenmark vs Australia (Group C) 5:00pmSamara
21 JuneArgentina vs Croatia (Group D) 11:00pmNizhny Novgorod
22 JuneIceland vs Nigeria (Group D) 8:00pmVolgograd
22 JuneBrazil vs Costa Rica (Group E) 5:00pmSaint Petersburg
22 JuneSerbia vs Switzerland (Group E) 11:00pmKaliningrad
23 JuneGermany vs Sweden (Group F) 11:00pmFisht Stadium, Sochi
23 JuneSouth Korea vs Mexico (Group F) 8:00pmRostov-on-Don
23 JuneBelgium vs Tunisia (Group G) 5:00pmOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
24 JuneEngland vs Panama (Group G) 5:00pmNizhny Novgorod
24 JunePoland vs Colombia (Group H) 11:00pmKazan Arena, Kazan
24 JuneJapan vs Senegal (Group H) 8:00pmYekaterinburg
25 JuneRussia vs Uruguay (Group A) 7:00pmCosmos Arena, Samara
25 JuneSaudi Arabia vs Egypt (Group A) 7:00pmVolgograd
25 JunePortugal vs Iran (Group B) 11:00pmMordovia Arena, Saransk
25 JuneSpain vs Morocco (Group B)11:00pmKaliningrad
26 JuneFrance vs Denmark (Group C) 7:00pmLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
26 JuneAustralia vs Peru (Group C)7:00pmFisht Stadium, Sochi
26 JuneArgentina vs Nigeria (Group D) 11:00pmSaint Petersburg
26 JuneIceland vs Croatia (Group D) 11:00pmRostov-on-Don
27 JuneBrazil vs Serbia (Group E) 11:00pmOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
27 JuneSwitzerland vs Costa Rica (Group E) 11:00pmNizhny Novgorod
27 JuneGermany vs South Korea (Group F) 7:00pmKazan Arena, Kazan
27 JuneSweden vs Mexico (Group F)7:00pmYekaterinburg
28 JuneEngland vs Belgium (Group G) 11:00pmKaliningrad
28 JunePanama vs Tunisia (Group G) 11:00pmMordovia Arena, Saransk
28 JunePoland vs Japan (Group H) 7:00pmVolgograd
28 JuneSenegal vs Colombia (Group H) 7:00pmCosmos Arena, Samara
30 JuneA winners vs B Runners-upFisht Stadium, Sochi
30 JuneC Winners vs D Runners-upKazan Arena, Kazan
01 JulyB Winners  vs A Runners-upLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow
01 JulyD Winners vs C Runners-upNizhny Novgorod
02 JulyE Winners vs F Runners-upCosmos Arena, Samara
02 JulyG Winners vs H Runners-upRostov-on-Don
03 JulyF Winners vs E Runners-upSaint Petersburg
03 JulyH Winners – G Runners-upOtkrytiye Arena, Moscow
06 JulyQuarter Final Match # 1Nizhny Novgorod
06 JulyQuarter Final Match # 2Kazan Arena, Kazan
07 JulyQuarter Final Match # 3Fisht Stadium, Sochi
07 JulyQuarter Final Match # 4Cosmos Arena, Samara
10 JulySemifinal Match # 1Saint Petersburg
11 JulySemifinal Match # 2Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow
14 July3RD PLACE PLAYOFF  Saint Petersburg
15 JulyTHE BIG FINALLuzhniki Stadium, Moscow