FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money[40% Increase Confirmed by FIFA]

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Moneya
FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Moneya

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money 40% Increase Confirmed By FIFA

FIFA to Give 2018 World Cup Champion $38M From $400M Prize Fund.One thing you must know about world Cup 2018 prize money is that no team will go empty handed from Russia as the team finishing the last that is 32nd will also even get 8 millions Us Dollars.


World Cup 2018 Prize Money

World Cup 2018 Prize Money increase money from  8% to 33%, The winner of 2018 FIFA world Cup will get 38 million US dollar. 

In 2014 FIFA world cup champions got 35 million US dollars.However,the percentage of money maximum increase for teams who finishing 9th to 16th place where each team will get 12 Million USD from the 9 million USD dollar awarded in the last Year.

there will be no change for the teams finishing 17th to 32nd as they will get 8 million US dollars.

Warm-Up Matches Schedule For FIFA World Cup 2018.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money according to Positon in world cup

Position2014 World CupUSD million2018 World CupUSD millionChange 
Per teamTotalPer teamTotal% Increase per Team
Champions35353838 8.75
Third place222224249.09
Fourth place2020222210
5th-8th place14561664 14.29
9th-16th place9721296 33
17th-32nd place812881280
Total 358 400


World Cup 2018 Prize Money For (Champions,runner-up,Quarter finalists and eliminated)

In 2014 FIFA World Cup Champions Germany received $35 million and runner-up Argentina got $25 million,In 2018 World Cup ,the runner-up will also get a $3 million increase and now runner-up will get $28 million dollars.

FIFA Council said that the third and fourth place teams will each get a $24 million and $22 million,respectively.

Now we talk about the quarter finalists will each get $16 million and those teams who eliminated in the last 16 will get  $12 million .

FIFA world cup has project to exceed to $5 billion despite stalled sales of sponsor ships amid Swiss and American corruption investigations.

Each Team will also get $1.5 million from FIFA toward the cost of preparing for the tournament which is  the same amount was in 2014.

”We would have to look at abolishing some competitions in order to add another one,” Infantino said.

2018 FIFA World Cup (Groups, Venues, Teams, Key Players).

World Cup 2018 Prize Money (World Cup bonus payments)

FIFA Central prize fund is awarded to national teams and the associations the themselves generally reward their teams for their performances.

performance based bonus are shared between squad and also depending on how well a team does.

English team England is not favourites to win the tournament so far,but should they try to manage to pull it off and clinch their second world title.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money
FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money

According to the Sun, Gareth Southgate’s men will share £5m should they win the World Cup, which works out at around £215k per player.

however, reports says that the three Lions will get nothing if they fails to progress from group stage.To know more about world cup go to the home page 

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money(FIFA increases financial offering to $400m)

The winning team at This year’s World Cup in Russia will be awarded a record $38m (£29m) in prize money.

after world football governing body FIFA boosted its financial offering to record level.

Total prize money is $400 million represents a 12 percent increase on the $358 million paid out to teams at 2014 World Cup in Brazil and victors Germany received $35 million.

The money is paid to a nation’s football association who will negotiated their own player on financial agreements with players.

FIFA World Cup Prize Money History(Total prize money for the World Cup from 1982 to 2014)

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money
FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money

Over the last 5 world cups FIFA has increased the prize money.In  2002 total prize money  for World Cup was $154 million and in 2006 FIFA world Cup prize increase from $154 to $262 million.

In  2010 total prize money  for World Cup was $420 million and in 2014 FIFA world Cup prize increase from $420 to $564 million prize money,insurance and payments to the clubs.

FIFA flagship event and 85% of orgnizations revenue come from World Cup taking place every four years.


In 2014 FIFA World Cup FIFA made $4.8 billlion while total expenses were around $2.7 billion and remaining $2.1 billion profit for FIFA.

2014 FIFA world total revenue included $2.4 billion in TV rights and sponsor ship

and commercial activities around $1.5 billion and in ticket sales generated another $550 in 2014 world cup.

Costs included that $576 million prize money and insurance payments for clubs.

$370 million used in tv production and $470 million was invested to help in organize FIFA world cup.

Brazilian FA Handed $100 million as a “Legacy payment”.

large portion of profit will be invested around the world to develop football and about $338 million FIFA keep itself.

Here  FIFA’s costs and expenses for the tournament


Preparation Fee for 32 qualified teams$1.5 million each$1 million each
Group Stage (16 eliminated teams)$8 million each$8 million each
Round of 16 (8 eliminated teams)$12 million each$9 million each
Quarterfinal (4 losing sides)$16 million each$14 million each
Fourth Place Team$22 million$18 million
Third Place Team$24 million$20 million
Runners-up$28 million$25 million
Winners$38 million$35 million
Player Insurance fee$134 million$100 million
player by player payments to parent clubs $209 million$170 million


Currency Converted To some of the world’s popular currencies


Currency38 Million USD Equivalent
United States Dollar, $ (USD)38,000,000
Euro, € (EUR)32,228,790
British Pound Sterling, £ (GBP)28,881,086
Japanese Yen, ¥ (JPY)4,309,839,540
Swiss Franc, Fr (CHF)37,610,357
Australian Dollar, $ (AUD)49,806,600
Canadian Dollar, $ (CAD)48,405,793
Indian Rupee (INR)2,486,020,800
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)514,295,381,492
Russian Ruble, ₽ (RUB)2,292,885,800
Singapore Dollar (SGD)51,644,469
United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)139,562,220
Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)11,482,791
Saudi Riyal (SAR)142,517,100