Champion League Quarter Final Draws 2019

Champion League Quarter Final Draws 2019

Hey football lovers, there will be some questions clicking in your mind right now!

Which city will be going to host the next month’s Champion league Quarterfinal? What time is Champion league quarter-final draw? Which date has been finalized for Champion League Quarter Finals Draws 2019? And the most interesting and loved question of fans that who qualified for champions league? Here you are in the right place. Have some patience and this article will give you all your desired answers.

Champion League is organized by UEFA as “UEFA Champions League” 2018-2019. This 2018-2019 UEFA Champion League is the football tournament of “premier club’s 64th season”. Today recognized as UEFA Champion League, it used to be the famous with the name of European champions club. So according to European Champions club, it is the 64th season. But for UEFA champions league it is the 27th ultimate football tournament. Spain has been chosen for the final. The venue is the Wanda metropolitan located in Madrid.

Perks for the football players of this UEFA Champions league is that if they win, they will earn a right. That right will be of playing versus the winners of UEFA Europa League (2018-2019). That two winners’ game will be for “Super cup”. The UEFA Super Cup will be held in 2019. That performance match will take the UEFA Champions League 2019-2020, a roundup league. If both teams leveled up to UEFA Champions League through their league performance, then Austrian Bundesliga champions of 2918-2019 will qualify to this 2020, Champion League. According to coming next season’s access list, this team is at the 11th rank in football tournaments league. The 16th round tournament to next all rounds VAR (video assistant referee) system will be used to monitor the matches.

One thing here is worth mentioning, defending champions in UEFA champion league were “Real Madrid”. In the seasons of football tournaments of 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018 Madrid players made three successive records and then in 16th round got eliminated by Ajax”.

Champion League Quarter Final Draws 2019 matches competition has started from 18 September 2018. This will last till 1st June 2019. According to the statistics till 13th MARCH 2019 top scorers up till now are Robert Lewandowski and all heart favorite “Lionel Messi”. They scored (8 Goals each) till now. 112 matches have been played till now in the tournament. There arises a question for this 2019 UEFA champions league. Can Real Madrid win Champions League 2019? So, this must be kept in mind that there will be fewer chances for them to win this year. This is so because at this moment balanced squad with key practices can only be seen in Juventus and Barcelona. Most of the bets this year are for Man City, Juventus, and Barcelona. Well, 16 teams are participating in this knockout phase which started on 12th February. Finals of this knockout phase have been scheduled on 1st June 2019. Let’s see who is going to win this year.

Champion League Quarter Final Draws 2019

Currently, out of 16 teams, this league has been narrowed up to 8 teams. Champion League Quarter Final Draws 2019 has raised the heart beats of football fans. The quarter-final stage is now in the air and 16 teams’ knockout phase is now left to just 8 cream football teams. Many upsets rise and fall have made this Champion League unpredictable. We have seen how Liverpool gave an upset to Germany. This led to the end of 6th title acquiring of Bayern Munich. Ah! How this held up. In a recent highlight, this can be clearly seen how Ajax dumped out the defe3nding champions “The Real Madrid”. These astonishing results can refer to the fact that Manchester United, Juventus and Barcelona are in line to achieve the European crown. Currently, everyone is eagerly waiting for the Champion League Quarter Final Draws 2019. How this roller coaster up and downs of football teams are going to end up. Who will win ultimately? Still, the eyes are on the score chart board. Hey, fan keep your eyes on stars (football team players such as Messi) and feet on the ground. Keep in control of your heartbeat and just wait for finals!

More information about champion League Quarter Final Draws 2019:

This champion league Draws venue held in Switzerland, Nyon (UEFA Headquarters). This draw is attended by those clubs’ representatives that did not go up in the competition. After the finals of the 16 games that happened at 13h March 2019. After two days, this quarter-final draw attended by left teams’ representatives. There have been seen no restrictions from UEFA for the teams facing off from the same country. It is heard that further some restrictions can come up form UEFA that will be applicable for the event ahead. So, eight teams have been finally qualified for the champion league Quarter Final Draws 2019. Their names plus identities are as follows:

Champion League Quarter Final Draws 2019

Qualified teams:

Manchester CityEngland
Manchester UnitedEngland


This can be seen that out of eight qualified teams there are four teams of England. Now here are the highlights about knockouts:

Ajax knocked out Real Madrid, thumbing up by 4-1 and securing a place in eight qualified teams. Manchester United leveled up themselves from 2-0. They have beaten PSG in pairs by 3-1. Marcus Rashford has made his team to secure the position of eight qualified teams. He scored in last minute penalty directed by VAR. Tottenham knocked out Borussia Dortmund. There was a 4-0 aggregate victory, which by efforts by Tottenham finally scored 4-3 an aggregate triumph. Hats off to Christian Ronaldo who secured its team place. They have knocked down Atletico Madrid a match ended up to 3-2 on aggregate. Lionel Messi graded up the Barcelona by overcoming the Liga 1 and ended up the match with a tremendous 5-1 victory. Liverpool has also secured the position in eight qualified teams.

Ties champion league quarterfinals for qualified teams will be held in April 2019. Just a month away.

For further details you can visit the official website of UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE