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Adidas X 19.3 is not just a cleat. It is a recognition that speed should receive open defenses rather than darting blind alleys. If you cannot direct the charge with your lightning pace, then jog on. But if you’re ready to push beyond your limits, keep reading. This soccer cleat features a lightweight mesh upper for game-long comfort, true touch, and lightning pace. A low-cut collar and a foot-hugging fit combine to keep you steady during explosive movements.


The sleek silhouette tells anyone looking at the cleat, that this cleat is made for speed. The cleat is available in Silver Metallic/Hi-res Red/White colors. All of them are attractive. Moreover, the design seems to attract a lot of customers towards it.


The upper of this cleat is made with lightweight mesh with Clawcollar. Clawcollar shape locks your foot into the cleat for stability. The small cuts provide breathing and more flexibility. In addition, there is a small layer of shade under the toe box to provide protection against tackles and padding for hard strokes. Inside the cleat, there are two pads in the heel to help add in comfort. These two pads also feature grip dots to aid in the lockdown of your foot in the cleat. There is an external heel counter, which is always better than internal heel counters due to the comfort of just that extra bit of room.


The outsole of Adidas X 19.3 is made of lightweight TPU. And the forefoot studs are in the shape of arrowhead for quick stops and starts on firm ground. It also makes it easy to make rapid changes in direction when trying to take the attack to the opposition.


The cleat features lace closure which allows the cleat to fit properly to the players with standard players. It is the narrow, low toe box and light option for anyone who wants something like this. When striking the ball both, with the instep of your foot and trying to hit the ball with pace, I felt the kick of a well-struck ball in a thin pair of cleats. The touch feels fantastic for a cleat that helps increase the pace. The traction on the FG and AG surfaces is excellent and by no means had problems with traction.

  • Lightweight mesh upper with Clawcollar
  • Synthetic sole
  • Lightweight TPU outsole
  • Arrowhead TPU forefoot studs
  • Low durability
  • Not easy to clean
  • Not for wide-footed players

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As much as I liked almost every aspect of the X 19.3, the only real complaint I have with the cleat is that it is hard to handle if you are even slightly wide-footed player than the average-footed. The Collar Claw is excellent and tight once on foot, but it causes problems during the first few sessions. Once you have the cleat on, it has a pretty standard feel for speed cleat comfort. It won’t be as comfortable as most leather cleats or even Predator or Nemeziz lines, but it’s the sacrifice you sometimes have to make to have an excellent speed cleat. If you have slim feet or standard width feet, comfort should not be a problem in the end.