Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.2 Primemesh|Soccer Cleats 2020

In the market of sports gear and other sports equipment, there are so many brands and products available that it has become almost impossible for an average customer to make a choice. Brands such as Nike, Adidas, Fila, etc. have remained in the first place thanks to their excellent products and high profile brand endorsements. Since you are looking for a reliable pair of soccer cleats, today we are going to talk about Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.2 Soccer Cleat. So what makes this cleat special? First and foremost, as discussed above, Adidas is one of the elite brands trusted by sportsmen and celebrities worldwide. This show brings all the goodness of the company’s craftsmanship so that you get more than money’s worth.

Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.2 Primemesh


It’s definitely a spacious cleat than others currently available in the market. The fact that the material is stiff and sits higher from the top of the forefoot. It will suit players that don’t like a snug fit or something that is tight from the first wear. They have always been so slightly longer than other Adidas cleats. These cleats are great as they are true to size. The material used will not stretch much, so they are placed in the medium-wide category as opposed to the wide.


The stud configuration has seven conical studs through the forefoot and four in the heel, all intended to even out pressure distribution. In that respect, it works exceptionally well. There are no pressure points through wear, and more importantly, you will feel extremely grounded while you wear them. The configuration, coupled with a flat soleplate bed. It will ensure you are fixed to the ground, with no wobble through different ankle motions.


In today’s Adidas fashion, a TechFit collar is incorporated into the cleat to create a secure fit around the ankle. As for the feel, the material is very soft with an elastic style stretch. It establishes a locked-in feeling without being too tight, with the material also running into the cleat and around the midfoot hugging your arch and down under the footbed. This is the area that some players will enjoy, ensuring that you are held in check with the build of the cleat.


Primeknit is soft and flexible. but the material in Primemesh is stiffer, and the toe box is very round. When you put them on, it means that you get a more generously roomy fit right around the toes.

  • Premium comfort and control
  • Sock-like fit
  • PRIMEMESH upper provides zero wear-in time
  • TechFit collar locks the feet
  • Low durability
  • Poor moisture protection

Credit: Soccer Reviews For You

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You can judge the quality of a product by reading reviews of the people who have used it. In terms of satisfaction goes, Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.2 soccer cleats have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. That shows a lot about the popularity of this product. However, some people have complained that its weight is slightly higher than what they are comfortable with. This product is worth buying, even if you are an amateur soccer player or professional looking to improve your game. However, we advise you to wear this cleat and run before you go to play.