Adidas Performance Copa Mundial -Black | Best Soccer Cleats 2019

Adidas Performance Copa Mundial
Adidas Performance Copa Mundial

Adidas is known for their sports gear, from cleats to soccer balls to sportswear, and covers everything in the world of sports. Their products are manufactured in modern facilities for the best sports experience for players. Even during big events like the World Cup, Adidas soccer ball is used. Players like Messi, Aguero, Pogba, all prefer Adidas soccer cleats. Adidas has made some great series of cleats like the Mercurial, Predators, F50, but nothing can beat their Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial soccer cleat. Yes, they are the ones the big Maradona used to wear. They were traditionally released in 1979. Very smooth and comfortable to wear. No soccer cleat can challenge the extraordinary features of this cleat.


The Copa is made of super soft kangaroo leather that simply oozes with class. I think that’s one of the main reasons why they were consistently super popular with players both old and new. Many brands have moved on to calf leather or synthetic materials, but the quality of the K-leather is much greater, especially when it comes to durability. The fact is that players know what they are getting and what can be expected if they order some Copas.


Adidas Performance Copa Mundial almost feels like a broken-in before you wear it. It only takes one training session to feel super comfortable on my feet. If you say that because of the extraordinary leather used, it will take a few weeks before it molds to your feet. During testing, they always felt comfortable and well supported on the ground. What strikes me as extraordinary is how the soleplate is so basic compared to many of the cleats currently available in the market – however, they break-in and fit so comfortably.


The soleplate and stud pattern used in the Adidas Performance Copa Mundial is a classic. With a 12-stud design, Copa offers a beautiful blend of grip and provides plenty of maneuverability after planting the foot. The forefoot has four studs on the outside, three studs on the inside and support stud in the middle. Moreover, the heel has four standard studs. All studs are the same size and length, while the heel studs are slightly larger and provide a very stable and smooth ride. The studs themselves are also not too long, making Copa an ideal choice for playing at more challenging surfaces. There’s nothing revolutionary here, but it’s almost the original “industry standard” in terms of stud pattern before the blades were introduced. The traction that the Mundial Copa will provide is excellent and will not disappoint.


In terms of protection, the Copa Mundial is a very safe cleat. The durable nature of the leather provides a lot of protection against impact injuries, such as kicking or stepped on. If you are worried about having extra protection on the ground and you do not want to be fully exposed, Copa Mundial is the right choice.

  • High-quality leather
  • Comfortable lining
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • No impact damage
  • Double density outsole
  • EVA insole
  • Not for wide-footed players
  • Expensive

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Copa Mundial has been in the market for over 25 years and is the number one choice for players worldwide. Even today, when there are so many innovations in the field of soccer cleats, they hold their position as the best ever. Available only in black color with white Adidas stripes, but it is conventional and yet very impressive. I would personally recommend any soccer fan to buy this cleat to have perfect soccer experience.